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Batch Transferring Pump JP300S [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Batch Transferring Pump JP300S

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   Product introduction

Batch Transferring Pump is suitable for the tube wall thickness of 4.8mm,6.3mm. Maximum flow rate is 35L/min, the largest pressure is 0.3Mpa. It has reasonable tight composition, easy to load the tube. The roller adopts planetary gear transmission, safe and reliable, at the same time it can prolong the tubing life.

  Function and features

Flow range is wide, can reach 2m3/hour, suitable for batch transferring.

The pressure of transmission is high, suitable for massive viscosity and high-lift       materials.

It adopts planetary gear design, safe and reliable, with high-power.

roller driving force rotationrolling friction with tubeprolong tubing life.

Press tube gap is adjustable.

AC motor with frequency control of motor speed control, it can be achieved networking     operation with PLC, IPC and computer.


1Flow rates: Maximum 35L/min, can reach 2m3/hour

2Suitable tubing: 88#  92# 86#  90#

3Shall material: aluminium alloy

4  Roller: 304 Stainless steel

5Speed range: 30-300rpm

6Gap adjustment:  adjustable

7Operating condition: temperature 0 ~ 60

8Chemical compatibility: resist acid-base,organic solvent.

9Power supply: AC 220V ±20%/400W

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