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Drier Box, DHG-9053A Electrothermal Drier Box Operation Manual [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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DHG-9053A Electrothermal Stable temperature Blasting Drier Box

Operation Manual

.Brief Introduction:

It applies to industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, colleges and universities, and scientific research units for drying, baking and melting wax,sterilization.

.Technical data:



Working size


Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation


Power supply

220V 50Hz

Consumption power



The instrument’s outside shell is welded by fine steel plate and interior working chamber is made of stainless steel or sprayed by high temperature resistant silver lacquer .Per working chamber has two to four shelves. Thermal insulation adopts ultrafine glass wool. The Box with double-layer glass windows is for observation.There is heat-resistant silicone rubber or asbestos cord between working chamber and box door to seal. The operation functions are concentrated in the front of box,which are easy to operate ,for example : power switch ,temperature controller, etc.

    Heating stable temperature system in the box is composed by fan, electric heater, right air duct and temperature controller. When you connect power supply, fan works at the same time, and discharges heat produced by electric heater via duct,through dry goods to respirable fan, continuous cycles like this to achieve uniform temperature.

Temperature controller is microcomputer intelligent digital temperature control device, which adopts progressive warming up,restrains temperature overshoot at maximum limit.It also has self-regulation function, high accuracy of controling temperature,and setting temperature with protection device and tracking alarm function.

.How to use:

Take the items need drying into working chamber, close box door,then connect power supply.

Adjust temperature controller and set temperature,then heat indicator is light,which also meaning the instrument starts heating.

Detailed operation as follows:

      Turn power switch to “on”, about 7 seconds, the upper of temperature controller displays actual temperature in the box, the lower is for setting temperature. Press,the first line displays SP. press▲ or ▼ ,which can make the second line displays your required temperature;press again,the first line displays ST (press ▲ or ▼,which make the second line displays your required time. when ST is 0, the instrument cancels timing function; when ST is not 0, the instrument has timing function). Press once again, return to the standard model,then temperature controller finished seeting,then instrument can normal work. In the ordinary way,the instrument heating for 90 minutes,temperature controller will enter into stable temperature state.

3. When your required  working temperature is lower, you can set second times, which can reduce or eliminate the phenomena of temperature overshoot,also can make working chamber enter into stable temperature  state as soon as possible.

4. Choose different drying time according to the different items requirements.

5. After finished drying, turn the power switch to "off", but do not open the door to remove items immediately,keep away from burn ,you can open the door to lower temperature in the box.


1. Drier Box shell must effectively grounding to ensure safe use.
2. After finished the instrument, power should be turned off.
3. Drier Box has no anti-explosive device,please do not put in inflammable and detonable items.
4. Drier Box should be placed in door with good ventilation conditions, it is forbidden to place inflammable and detonable items on its surrounding.
5. In order to facilitate the circulation of hot air cycle,Please keep space when you place the articles into working chamber.

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