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[Drying oven]

Horizontal blast drying oven | Vertical blast drying oven | High temperature drying oven |

[Vacuum drying oven]

[Vacuum pump]

Large vacuum pump | Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump | Circulating water type vacuum pump | Oil-free vacuum pump |

[Peristaltic pump]

The basic speed of peristaltic pump | Flow control type of peristaltic pump | Filling dispersion type peristaltic pump | Large flow peristaltic pump | Bulk transfer peristaltic pump | Peristaltic pump filling system |


Electric incubator 电热培养箱 | Water isolation type thermostatic Incubator隔水培养箱 | Biochemical incubator 生化培养箱 | Cooled Incubators 霉菌培养箱 | Constant temperature and humidity incubator恒温恒湿箱 | Light incubator 光照培养箱 | Climate Incubator 气候培养箱 | CO2 incubator CO2 培养箱 | Low-temperature incubator 低温培养箱 | Constant temperature oscillator 恒温摇床 |

[Environment test box]

High low temperature test box | Aging test chamber | Drug stability test chamber | Salt spray chamber |

[Resistance furnace]

Box-type resistance furnace 箱式电阻炉 | Tubular resistance furnace 管式电阻炉 | Resistance furnace atmosphere 气氛电阻炉 | Crucible resistance furnace 坩埚电阻炉 | High temperature carbon furnace 高温定碳炉 |

[Laboratory ultra pure water]

[High pressure steam sterilizer]

[Water bath, oil bath]

[Cooling-water machine]

[Laboratory reactor]

[Rotating evaporator]

[Laboratory mixer]

Electric mixer 电动搅拌机 | High-speed homogenizer 高速均质机 |

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