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Scope and content:

1, analytical instruments: pH meter, ORP meter, ion meter, TDS meter, conductivity meter, dissolved oxygen meter, potentiometric titration, moisture determination, constant potential instrument, commonly used electrode

2, chromatography instruments: liquid chromatography, gas chromatography

3, the spectral instruments: spectrophotometer, flame photometer, atomic absorption meter, Atomic Fluorescence, infrared spectrometer, IR Oil Content Analyzer

4, the experimental apparatus: electronic analytical balance, precision electronic scales, mechanical scales, electronic settlement of scales, electronic weighting apparatus, the surface tension meter, rotary vane vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, circulating water pumps, oil-free vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps , cold circulating pump, low speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, large capacity centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, high temperature centrifuge, rotary evaporator, low temperature thermostat bath, laboratory furnace, ultrasonic cleaning, rotating viscometer, kinematic viscosity meter, Stormer Viscometer, cup viscometer, rotameter, Chinese medicine grinder, jaw crusher, disc grinder, testing the system prototype, electric vibrating screen machine and sample standard sieve, distilled water, pure water, clean benches, biological safety cabinets, steam sterilizer, dust particle counting, the oscillator shaker, ice particles, electronic temperature control device, contact voltage regulator, air dryer, freeze dryer , reactor, reactors, synthetic instrument test equipment, dehumidifiers, humidifier

5, dispersion mixing: magnetic stirrer, electric mixers, high-speed homogenizer, laboratory colloid mill, ball mill experiment, tissue broken machine, spiral mixer, mixing dispersion machine

6, constant temperature equipment: oven, incubator, biological storage tanks, environmental chambers, oil bath pot, water bath, sand bath pot, electric panels, electric sets, super bath, constant temperature water tank 8, box-type resistance furnace: pipe resistance furnace, high temperature carbon heater, crucible resistance furnace, high-Wen Maofu furnace, electric fiber furnace, bell furnace temperature, thermal shock test furnace, steel melting furnace

7, optical instruments: biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, measuring projector, metallurgical microscope, polarizing microscope, video microscope, measuring microscope, microscope, vertical optical design, interference microscope, micrometer, Polarimeter, gloss meter, Lovibond meter, colorimeter, refractometer, total residual chlorine, turbidity meter, black tester, whiteness meter

8, environmental protection instruments: COD analyzer, BOD analyzer, according to meters, anemometer, sound level meter, hygrometer,

9, oil equipment:

10, biological and chemical equipment: ultraviolet analyzer, gel imaging devices, chromatography columns, protein nucleic acid analyzer, gradient mixer, ELISA analyzer, automatic collector, analyzer, hemoglobin meter, the Reader, gene amplification , ultrasonic cell disruption, electrophoresis tank, electrophoresis apparatus, vortex mixers, constant peristaltic pump

11, drug testing equipment: intelligent collapse instrument, drug dissolution tester, clarity detector, USP colorimetric liquid, tablet hardness tester, drug melting point apparatus, transdermal device, pipettes

12, plating test:

13, Nondestructive Testing: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, infrared thermometer, Shore Hardness Tester, Leeb hardness tester, Brinell hardness, Webster hardness tester, Vickers hardness, Barcol hardness tester, Rockwell hardness, roughness, vibration

14, coating paint: thin meter, viscometer, paint drying apparatus, the film thickness, weathering tester, the film hardness tester, adhesion tester, resistance tester momentum, flexibility, film devices , light box color card, chemical machinery

15, of glass instruments: measuring cup container, dropping bottle bottles, the standard port class beaker burner, complete sets of equipment, vacuum vessels, glass filters, dish the ball plugs

16, food testing: Biological training equipment, physical and chemical analysis of food, pesticide-speed tester, gas detector

17, textile equipment: fiber tester, tester socks, yarn tester, dyeing tester, fabric tester, yarn color card machines, fast out-like fabric, textile General Instrument

18, Physical test: surface tension meter, particle size analyzer, micro melting point meter, moisture analyzer, digital viscometer, electronic hydrometer

19, mechanical testing: fire door testing machine, plywood testing machine, tensile testing machine, universal testing machine, package testing machine, plug force testing machine, drop weight impact test, computer test phone, cable testing machine, melt index test , Rally dynamometer, torque torque test

20, the power test: cable fault testing, relay testing, ground resistance testing, loop resistance test

21, safety testing:

22, measuring tools: calipers card table card regulation, micrometer, dial gauge, micrometer laser diameter, high-block V-shaped block

23, highway equipment:

24, Chemical Reagents: General reagents, chromatography reagents, reference reagents, high purity reagents, standard solution, biochemical reagents, chromatography, silica gel, pigment indicator, rapid test kit, bio-media

25, testing supplies: quartz products, rubber Fusu class, cleaning brush, metal products, filter paper strips class class class crucible mortar


Company introduces
Scope and content
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Sanli Chemicals
Matters to note
Matters to note

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